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Top Android Music and Podcasts  Apps for 2021

Android smartphones and tablets are technological marvels that entertain, work from anywhere and keep you in touch with loved ones, coworkers, and family.

Google Play Store allows you to download many apps. To help you choose the best apps, this list has been created.


Anchor is a great way to record your podcast. You can record with friends or by yourself and create entire podcast episodes completely from your smartphone. Anchor also offers basic audio editing tools to help you perfect each clip. The service recently announced a monetization program to creators.

MSRP free


Bandcamp has a wide range of artists, both new and old. Bandcamp was originally built to stream songs that you had purchased from Bandcamp. Now it is a one-stop-shop for physical and digital band merchandise. This app is essential if you want to stay on top of the music industry.

MSRP free


Although streaming services are very popular, BlackPlayer, which allows you to keep your music locally, is still worth your consideration. The Discover option is our favorite. It shuffles through 10-second previews from rarely-played tracks in your library until you choose what track to listen to next. You can also customize button styles, fonts, and themes as well as the now playing notifications.


LiveXLive is a streaming radio service that has revolutionized the industry. Pandora was the first to offer this, but LiveXLive has improved it. Listen to the suggestions of the service, or check out its playlists and channels that are human-curated. You can also find playlists tailored to your specific tastes, such as Yacht Rock. You can also try LiveXLive for free if you’re not ready to sign up.

MSRP $9.99


Pocket Casts

Podcasts have been a problem for Android (they don’t call them “Droidcasts” after all), but Pocket Casts can help. Pocket Casts is a highly customizable app that can be used to relax with your favorite podcast episodes. It can sync between different devices, so you can continue where you left off. It’s time to listen.

MSRP $3.99



Songkick connects you to the music in your digital library and local concerts. Songkick scans your phone for music and lets you know when and where your favorite artists are performing. You can purchase tickets directly from the app if you are interested in a particular show. Songkick allows you to add multiple locations so that you can catch concerts while on the move.

MSRP free



Spotify is a popular platform for legal, free music streaming. Spotify allows you to shuffle through carefully selected songs, discover your favorite albums, and explore the many playlists. Because of the close ties to artists, new tracks can sometimes be available on the same day that they hit the shelves at record shops. Those still exist, right? Spotify offers a limited free version.

Monthly starting at $9.99



Although the interface can be a little confusing, STITcher allows you to connect with almost every podcast. You can search for a particular title or organize podcasts by subject. For a continuous stream, shows can be organized into playlists. Stitcher can recommend something new after you have exhausted your favorite shows. Stitcher offers a bit of everything, with a particular emphasis on NPR, CNN, or ESPN.

MSRP free

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