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This Is Why LOL Is So Popular

Fortnite and Apex have seen a lot of attention, but the big boys of online gaming continue to thrive with millions of gamers tapping away every day. League of Legends, a Riot Games game, was and is still one of the most popular games on the PC.

The popular MOBA is fast-paced and full of amazing champions sporting epic-looking skins. It’s addictive and one of the most popular games. Why is League of Legends so beloved? It has so many players.

League of Legends wasn’t like other games when it was released in 2009. It was not like any other free-to-play game on the market when it first came out in 2009.

This free-to-play model was not well-known to gamers back then. While some MMO games required a monthly subscription, many gamers had grown up paying a flat fee to play a game. It was unusual for companies to give away a game for free. Isn’t this why companies make games? To make money.

Mobile games started to gain attention around this time. Candy Crush, a 2012 release, claimed that it was completely free to play. It was actually in the “pay to play” category. This gives players an unfair advantage over people who don’t pay real cash.

Riot insurance ensures that LoL players will not be disadvantaged if they invest their money in the game. Riot points are the currency used in LoL. Players receive

Riot point in return for real money.

Riot points are used to unlock new champions or dress them with new skins.
It is appealing to find a game that is free to play and not pay-to win. However, the company still makes money because many players spend real money on skins. Players end up spending more than they would for a subscription.

This is another reason why this free-to-play model is so popular. People are afraid that they will waste money on games they don’t enjoy. LoL allows you to play a few matches to decide if it’s something you enjoy. Then, players can share the game with their friends without having to pay for it.

LoL: More Reasons to Love It

1. The Competitive Nature

League of Legends is a competitive game with many players. It feels great to climb up the ranked ladder. You gain rewards as you grow as a player. There is some toxicity and frustration in solo queue.That’s why you need smurf account. However, this is due to the competitive nature of the game.
The thing that keeps players going is the knowledge that if they keep at it, they may be able to play against professional players.

Here’s where things get crazy:

Let’s say you are a good player and manage to get to League of Legends Challenger. You will be assigned to a division where only the top players can play. This is where you may have the chance to play against or with pro players. If you are a pro at the game, you might be invited to play with a team.

2. Regular Updates

Riot hasn’t lost heart 11 years later – the updates continue to come. It seems that there are patches about every 17 days. And, most importantly, these updates don’t cost anything. Riot ensures that they offer their players plenty of activities so that they don’t become bored. Regular updates not only keep existing players happy but also bring in new players.

3. The Games Are Short

While some may argue that this is false, we believe the games are very short. You can play one game for as long as you like and you can put the controller down at any time. Online games are different. Online games like Ark: Survival Evolved and World of Warcraft can require players to stay online for up to 2 hours at a time.

This is a lot of time compared to having to play a match in League of Legends for 35 minutes. Are you able to sleep for an hour? If you do, then you can begin a match on LoL. Are you at 4:30 PM and dinner is in 30 minutes? then play League of Legends
This game can be played between breaks and chores. LoL could have stayed on the background if the game had been longer.

4. Multiplayer is available, so you can play with friends

Gaming is great fun. But what do you think makes gaming even more enjoyable? It’s being able to play with your friends! League of Legends allows you to bring your friends along. You can either queue up with friends in a premade lobby or create your own team to compete against other players in ranked matches.

LoL also makes it easy for new friends to be made. While there are many LoL players who may be abusive to you, there are also some friendly ones. It’s a great way for people to get along, especially if you play in the support or marksman role. You can also add another person to your group if you find someone you like.

5. eSports

Yes, we must not forget about eSports. League of Legends was added to eSports in season 3, when the esports scene was so popular. This game gained a lot more players once it was made available to eSports.

6. It is free to play

As we said at the beginning, people love to play free games. People are reluctant to play new games they must pay for, as they don’t know whether they will like them. Although some games offer free trials, many people remain skeptical about whether they’ll like the game.

League of Legends however allows you to get almost anything for free. You can buy Teemo new clothes, but that’s up to you.


Are League of Legends’s popularity due to its timely release or because it is one of the most popular games? It would still be very popular if it didn’t get all the media coverage. It is great!

We are interested in finding out how long LoL players have been playing the game – in other words, what year was it that you started?

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