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My very first Ridgid miter saw.. what did i Learn?

During time I have analyzed an unbiased multitude of miter saws therefore that I had been excited to take to my very first Ridgid. Ibelieve them for a gem within the industry and’m a enormous fan of their Ridgid new. They shipped me that their 12″ sliding compound miter saw (version MS1290LZA) to appraise and inspection.

Weighing in at nearly 70 pounds this saw isn’t the portable in the category but it built to take abuse! The lengthy dining table with this saw provides a great surface and accounts for a huge section of the fat reduction. The vast majority of fence and this table are all metallic parts using a finish that is wonderful.

The 15 amp motor supplied more than sufficient power for most of the evaluation cuts I’ve played such as: Quantify fabric, Pine, Maple and Walnut out of 3/4″ thick upward to nearly 2″ thick. In my usage I would state the MS1290LZA is really on level with additional 12″ best miter saws within such a class depending on power. The Beltdrive gives the brake and also a smooth functioning is useful.

One particular category which the Ridgid MS1290LZA impressed me has been cut on at off capacity. This miter saw will orbit 60! Lots of those saws on the industry simply do 60 ° into the best (not the left) that really is a wonderful feature. The saw will probably soon bevel made and right.

The saw Provides the reduction capabilities. The weapon with this saw will be flexible on either left and right. Both sides include a feature that is cool I have not seen on a miter saw earlier which is the Repeat-A-Cut™ Marking Surfaces. From the photo above you are able to easily observe and darkened region on the fencing with a writing surface which takes pen quite is not difficult to wash, and simple to browse. Anybody that used a miter saw has indicated the weapon but many times it’s tough to see. That the pen line shows. The walls have holes in them in order to readily join a fence.

Remarkable Features

You will find a few of other features worth noting. Even the miter detent thumb-wheel can take some getting used to but works. With a hand you are able to rotate detents that are preset or place the miter. Right into place you might lock the miter gauge with all the same hand. I also really enjoy the flexible neck plates that enables one to cut thin bits with them falling into the desk (you need to make sure you re set them if you should be making bevel cuts because you’ll surely destroy the plate in case you are not careful).

One particular feature which may not exist on the Ridgid MS1290LZA is that your dust collection. The miter saw includes a 2-1/2″ dust interface, 90 degree fittingdust and dust bag. This enables the consumer to use the contained dust tote or hook the saw around some normal 2-1/2″ dust set vacuum hose.

I analyzed this saw at both settings. I installed that the odd dust collection bag after which I connected my own shop dust collector (in addition, we’re talking 3HP series rated dust collector) . In both settings the dust collection has been. Because you can easily see from the graphic previously when trimming on wood attached that the saw dust and lands and also the vent only passe all around the location. Considering just how dust collection is now I was not amazed and for this reason I am rapping on the evaluation.

Total review

The saw produced results and beveled cutting software. I enjoy the Repeat-A-Cut™ Marking Surface and also the neck plate and also need all these features were offered over additional saws.

But there certainly are a couple of things I would love to see improved with this saw. The dust set should be re designed and doesn’t work. I did not enjoy the laser guide when calibrated to your depth of timber, since it only works. Finally I presume that this saw is too thick for many jobsite software (I say this on the each popular Bosch 12″ Glide Saw) since it is hard to maneuver with no cellular stand.

Total I believe that the Ridgid MS1290LZA can be quite a well developed miter saw. Even the Ridgid 3 Year Limited Guarantee and Lifetime Service Agreement are difficult to beat from a that produces this saw very appealing in the warranty perspective.

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