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How To Win In Clash of Clans Game?

“Clash of Clans,” one of the most popular games in the App Store, is a huge success. Despite being free, the app generates more than $5,000,000 (PS3.2million) per month.

“Clash of Clans”, which combines strategy and multi-player play, is an engaging, long game. The majority of top-level players spent more than two years reaching the top. Sometimes it can be frustrating.

While some players may spend large sums of money (up to $1 Million, allegedly), it is not necessary once you understand the basic steps that will help you improve your game.

Here are the steps.

What is the “Clash Of Clans”?

Let’s start by explaining what “Clash Of Clans” actually is and the ultimate goals.

It is about building a village, protecting it, and then attacking other villages. It becomes more difficult, more costly, and longer as the game progresses, which is indicated by a Town Hall at a higher level.

There are many types of defenses, such as the X-Bow and the cannon, as well as different types of troops (such the Golem or the hog rider), as well as different “heroes”, which you unlock at higher levels. You will also discover a variety of other things as you go along.

The game is very simple. You can either tend to your own village (upgrading assets for example) or attack other bases (more about those later).

Supercell sells gems that can be purchased for real money to speed up upgrades or buy more resources. These are broken down into gold and elixir. Upgrades can take up to two weeks at the highest levels.

You can save gems for a rainy-day.

The best way to advance in the game is to save gems for a rainy ordeal (a strategy Supercell recommends).

Gems can be useful in speeding up upgrades, especially the last hour. They also boost mines and collectors which doubles the output. You can also buy a shield to protect your village for a time or “boost” troops’ training.

You can harvest gems from trees and rocks. This will cost you a small amount. While some players spend thousands of dollars to build their village quickly, the real fun comes from saving.

Make a village layout.

It is very important to have a well-planned village, especially if your goal is to win “trophies”, which are earned by successfully attacking or defending a village and used to rank players.

You must make choices at lower levels because there are no walls to protect buildings. However, as you progress and your village grows, you have plenty of options.

Some players placed storage, which includes gold, dark elixir, and elixir in the center of the base. This automating Clash of Clans protects them from the Town Hall outside. It is hoped that attackers will simply destroy the Town Hall and then leave with no resources.

Some choose to protect the Town Hall over all else. This can save trophies and be used when there are no upgrades.

You can find many base designs online and it is easy to build your own. The most important thing is deciding what you want to keep — trophies and resources.

Upgrade collectors and mines.

Collecting resources is a better way to get them than raiding other villages. There are many resources available, including gold mines, dark elixir drills, and elixir pumps.

Pumps produce a small number of resources per hour at lower levels — about 250, while an upgraded pump can produce as much as 3,500 of each resource. This can lead to a lot of (free) resources during shielded periods, which can last up to fifteen hours.

It is important to upgrade storages, which can hold more resources that can be used to upgrade troops or defenses.

Do not break your shield.

Your village is protected from outside attacks for a certain time by the “Shield”. You should avoid attacking another village while your shield remains active.

You should only attack when your shield is down. The game will notify you when 30 minutes are left. This maximizes the amount of time that your mines and collectors can produce resources for free and decreases the chance of losing trophies.

Join a clan

A “clan” can be a group of 50 players that can send troops, go to war, or chat in the game. You can create your own clans, customize the settings (who you want, how often, etc.), and get involved with other players.

Clan membership has many benefits: You can go into war, which can reward you with significant loot. Your clanmates can also fill your Clan Castle, with troops that will attack any base you are attacking. It gives the game a greater sense of community.

At the highest levels, players can win up to one million in gold and elixir.

Upgrading your defenses.

It’s impossible for anyone to win “Clash Of Clans” without good defenses. Players are encouraged from the beginning to improve their defenses before moving on. The tradeoff is the inconvenience and the expense.

This shouldn’t discourage you. It is worth investing time and gold in a high-level archer tower, cannon, or X-Bow to help you ward off attackers at greater levels.

Upgrade troops

Another important component of the game is attacking other players, whether for loot or war. Upgrading troops to the highest level allows them to do more damage and last longer.

The easiest troops to upgrade are barbarians and archers. They are called “Tier 1”. Giants and wall breakers are considered “Tier 2”, and so forth.

Upgrades to troops become more expensive as you move up to higher Town Hall levels. A level 3 PEKKA is a massive, armored unit that costs eight million elixirs. This is just Town Hall 8.

You can use cheap attacks such as “Barch.”

In “Clash of Clans,” attacking strategies are crucial. Some strategies are geared towards doing maximum damage (GOWIPE, which uses Golums and wizards, as well as PEKKAs), while others are more cost-effective.

Cheap attacks like “Barch”, which are half barbarians and half archers, can be used to collect the most resources. This will allow you to spend less time training troops. It is crucial to choose the right base, which is usually inactive base with full collectors. However, “Barch” can also be used for villages that are more difficult (as this clip proves).

Place the Town Hall beyond the walls.

This strategy prioritizes loot over trophy collection, which allows attackers easy access at the Town Hall to avoid attacking collectors.

The Town Hall can be placed on the outside of your home to help you save money for upgrades. You also get a 12-hour “free” shield that protects you from any attack for 12 hours. This allows you to celebrate or recover from defeat.

Finally, be patient.

Patience is key to the success of “Clash of Clans”. It takes more than two years to complete the game from scratch without gems, and there will be setbacks along the way. It will be easier if you remain calm.

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