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Five Best Star Projectors for Home Planetarium in 2021

1. Sega Toys Homestar Flux Planetarium Star Projector

The Sega Homestar Flux might be the best home planetarium projector, in our opinion.

You will receive discs for both the northern and the southern hemispheres, as well as a large poster with the sky map that can be used to show you where the ceiling is.

You can also purchase individual discs. The disc uses advanced LED technology, and can even be activated with a shooting star function.

You can adjust the angle and focus, as well as set a timer. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to move from one place to another.

The disc rotation isn’t too loud. In general, the projections look beautiful, relaxed, and very realistic.

What we liked

  • Capability to shift focus/angle
  • It is easy to use and very realistic
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Shooting star function
  • Timer function settings

What we didn’t like

  • Comparable to other competitors, can be more expensive

Type Professional planetarium projector
Best for: Adults, space enthusiasts, young adults.
What it projects: Accurate representations of the night sky, high-definition stars, northern and southern hemispheres as well as constellations, nebulas galaxies, planets, and shooting stars.

2. BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Projector

BlissLights Sky projector is very simple to use and it projects a field of drifting stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud.

This projector uses laser diodes for bold and vivid color projections.

It creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere for both children and adults. It also includes a 120V AC adapter.

You can view the nebula in its entirety or rotate it.

The projector’s brightness levels can be adjusted and it is compact and easy to move. It can also be pointed directly at the ceiling, offering many options for where and how to place it.

What we liked

  • Starfield projections that are realistic
  • It’s easy to get around
  • You have two options: brightness or dimming
  • Excellent value for the features
  • Rotation mode

What we didn’t like

  • A few reports on manufacturing issues
  • Not advanced enough to be of interest to enthusiasts

Type Semi-Professional star projector
Best for: Kids, young adults, adults.
It projects Starfields, aurora, and nebula.

3. Laser Stars Laser Twilight Star Projector

Laser Stars Twilight projector offers a very realistic panorama of the night sky. It has effects that stimulate stars, comets, galaxies, and clouds.

This could be a great choice for young children who are interested in astronomy or space enthusiasts.

The projector’s captivating mix of blue stars and green clouds is beautiful. It can also be turned off.

It’s very easy to use, has an automatic shut-off feature that saves electricity, and has an AC adapter. It can cover the entire ceiling and is bright enough to not disturb your sleep.

It can cover a lot of ground and can be used in large buildings like churches. This creates a romantic, relaxing, or learning atmosphere. It also uses holographic and beautiful green laser technology.

What we liked

  • More than 1000+ star and cloud formations
  • There are many options for settings
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Auto shut-off for 4 hours
  • Large areas, even buildings, filled with this product

What we didn’t like

  • Only 2 colors

Type Semi-Professional star projector
The best for space enthusiasts, young children, and adults.
What it projects Realistic panorama of the night sky, galaxies, and nebula

4. Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro Home Planetarium

Uncle Milton Star Theatre may be the best star light projector for a ceiling, but due to its versatility, it can also be considered a cosmos star projector.

You can choose to have the images rotate or remain still. It is simple to use and comes with a guide, one Star Theater Pro base, two Discs, and a USB cord (but not the adapter).

This projector can show more than just hundreds of stars. It may also show the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

The system features an optical-quality lens system that can be adjusted to focus, ultra-bright LED source, auto shut off option, and adjustable projection angle.

You can also make the stars appear static by using a star shower projection effect. This is an excellent tool to learn about the cosmos.

What we liked

  • Diversity – The use of discs
  • Adjustable focus, projection angle
  • Clarity and accuracy
  • Option for auto shut-off
  • Option to rotate or keep still images

What we didn’t like

  • It doesn’t include an adapter
  • The production of discs has ceased

Type Semi-Professional star projector
Best for: Space enthusiasts, young adults, adults, children
What it projects Stars, constellations, and cosmos, as well as planets and satellites

5. Hontry Night Light Kids Star Projector

Country Night Light may be one of the best projectors for children.

The four colors project a starry sky which may help to inspire creativity and imagination.

You can use it as a nightlight because it is noiseless. The warm light creates a peaceful environment for children and babies.

The device has a timer that will shut down the device automatically to conserve energy. However, it can also be set up to last all night.

Although the batteries are not included in this package, it works on them. It may appeal to children because of its unique design.

This could make a wonderful birthday gift or provide a festive atmosphere at Christmas parties. You can set it to last for a few hours or minutes, or all night.

What we liked

  • It is simple to use
  • Amazing night light
  • Good environment for sleeping
  • May boost creativity/imagination
  • Appealing design for children

What we didn’t like

  • It is not the strongest structure

Type Night light projector
The best for babies and children.
What it projects The night sky, stars, and moon

Types of star projectors

Although models usually include a suggested age, this is largely dependent on the user’s preferences. Let us show you some orientations.

Night lights for babies/children

These models are extremely affordable and feature interesting or stylized designs (e.g., a spaceship). These models can be used as night lights, spark children’s creativity and curiosity, or for entertainment. They project images that might appeal to or relax children. They run on batteries and feature energy-saving features like the auto shut-off option.

Projectors for young adults/adults

Any type of projector can help with insomnia. Star projectors for grownups often have high-quality speakers. This allows for great ambiance both visually and audibly, making them great for romantic evenings, parties, or learning more about the cosmos.

Professional galaxy projectors

These models can be used by everyone, even space enthusiasts. These models often offer greater detail and clarity. These models should have adjustable features that allow you to focus on specific objects or pinpoint details, such as constellations or planets. These models can be an excellent tool for learning, and they may not be as costly as you might think.

Real star constellations

You can get the closest to the real night sky by reading what customers have to say about the product. Clarity and accuracy are the most important points. A product’s rating should be an indicator of its quality.

To improve its clarity and accuracy, you will be able to set the time motion, brightness, and focus. These adjustable features can improve clarity and accuracy. You can also search for videos to verify the product’s quality. Pictures may not always show everything.

Consider the location you wish to place the projector. Check its projection angle capability, and then compare it with the area you intend to use it in. To make the projector more compatible with your walls, they should be of light color. It is better to use laser light than LED. Laser light is more powerful than traditional Best Star Projector bulbs.

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Timeline of the star projectors’ prices

Get up to $49

These projectors are suitable for children and babies. These projectors do not provide realism, but rather focus on relaxing or entertaining visual projections. These lamps are ideal for night lighting and can provide a good night’s sleep. They are usually powered by batteries and have rotating images, different light modes, and LEDs.


It is the same as the previous, but it has a higher level of complexity. This makes it more suitable for young people and children as well as stargazers. These devices can be recharged using USB cables and have timer settings. They make great Christmas decorations.

$100 – $99

You can see every detail. Some even use laser light to project auroras and nebulas. This is a great tool for hobbyists. You can create a peaceful environment in any room.

More than $200

These projectors are often high-ranking. These projectors can project hundreds of stars with some holographic technology. They use multilevel glass lenses to produce greater projections, and can also offer additional star discs. They can be adjusted to provide great clarity, detail, and precision. They can be used in churches and cinemas.

How do you choose the best star projector?

It might be difficult to choose the right star projector due to its various capabilities. It is important to ask yourself who you would like to purchase one and what features they offer. There are three main categories of star projectors:

For children

  • The projector must be durable and not easily broken.
  • It should not contain any small pieces that could be ingested.
  • To save energy, set up timers and run on battery power.
  • It projects. Some images can even project turtles, making them more appropriate for children.

For young adults/adults

  • If the projector features adjustable features like angle rotation, you can get clearer images.
  • Speakers that can playback audio and enhance the ambiance created by images.
  • It should be able to charge via USB or other methods and have multiple lighting modes.

For space enthusiasts

  • It is crucial to project the right image, with accuracy and clarity. These projectors must have adjustable features that allow for more settings such as time motion, angle rotation, and time motion.
  • Also, consider the projected distance and whether the intended planetary space for it is large enough.
  • It should be capable of projecting nebulas, thousands upon stars, and focusing on specific objects, such as planets.

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