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Best Korean Heart Melting Romantic Movies

Best Korean Heart Melting Romantic Movies

List of some of the Korean romantic comedy and drama movies i have seen. What i liked the most about the Korean movies is the way handle the cinematography and bring life to each characters so naturally. Believe me i have seen some of the best heart melting romantic movies and mind-blowing Mystery-thrillers so far…Strictly For Adults…

1. A Moment To Remember (2004)

I was blown away after watching movie. The story goes like this Beautiful Son Yae Jin (The Classic) and Jung Woo Sung (Musa – The Warrior, Mutt Boy) share A Moment to Remember! Su-Jin (Son Yae Jin) and Chol-Su (Jung Woo Sung) meet at mall. Su-Jin is exiting an affair with a married man, and Chol-Su is working for Su-Jin’s father as a carpenter, and when they finally meet it’s as if it was meant to be. Their love is affectionate and their marriage as close to perfect as can be…but is fate truly that kind? Su-Jin surprisingly contracts Alzheimer’s disease, and the tragic struggle they face both threatens and strengthens their love. But for how long? As Su-Jin’s memory begins to leaves her, the disease they face may turn out to be too much for even a love as strong as theirs. Believe me you’d really love this  movie..

2.  Kim Ki-Duk’s 3-Iron (2004)

A movie with very few words but much meaning. The few Korean movies I have seen have been very fresh and interesting and this one is best yet. There were many themes and symbols all blended together in a lovely way. And the slow, silent courtship of Sun-hwa and Tae-suk was quiet and touching. The way they interacted … the way she expressed herself with simple gestures like standing in front of the ball … It makes other romances seem like a loud racket.

3. My Sassy Girl (2001)

It is truly unique how this movie blends comedy with romance and leaves the viewer wanting more all the way till it ends. The references made throughout the movie are symbolic and refreshing that I thought was lost in movies in this category for a long time. All in all, it becomes an eclectic mix of foreign beauty mixed in with a dash of love and innocence.

4. The Classic (2003)

The Classic is about a movie between the romantic relationship between a mother,Joo-hae and her daughter,Ji-ha. Both Joo-hae and Ji-hae was played excellently by Korean superstar,Son Ye-jin.It gives the viewer an understanding about the emotions brought about by love,the aspect of how probably fate affects our love relationship and the good and bad feeling of being in love.  Highly recommended for it is not just like any other chick flick out there but a classic one.

5. Windstruck (2004)

Windstruck is effectively broken into two parts. The first two-thirds of the movie is much about their relationship blossoming, the last third is about how she copes with his death. In their blossoming relationship, you see sparks of the humor and cleverness that made MSG a success. The ending has the melodramatic tone that actually is somewhat cliched. But the way it’s been set up, neither part ever reaches what you’d think is a completeness, and you end up thinking, we could have had more.

I highly recommend this movie whether you’ve seen My Sassy Girl or not! And Yes Its no My Sassy Girl, Its Windstruck! A great and different love story.

6. Oasis (2002)

“Oasis” is the story of the relationship of a man imprisoned by his mind with a woman imprisoned by her body. That they establish a relationship comes as much because of their handicaps as in spite of them.

This is a worthwhile film embracing humanity. Life’s too short to expend energy on being angry at others. It’s human’s nature to make mistakes. If we gripe less and focus on the positive, reciprocate respect and kindness to each other, take the time to appreciate this world we live in – ‘oases’ we’d be in.

7. Daisy (2006)

“Daisy” is a story about the inevitable showdown between a detective and a killer who fall in love with the same woman. In the story, Jeon plays a street artist who dreams of opening her own exhibition someday, while Jeong portrays a killer who loves her but cannot confess his love to her because of his profession.

The views and pictures in this film are so astonishing. It’s a traveling for your eyes. If you like classic music, you also can be satisfaction by the movie. Yes, although there are some raw skills in this film, they didn’t affect it become a good and moving movie.

Using your heart, your eyes and your hearing to feel the different kind of love coming from the other side of the world.

8. I’m A Cyborg..But That’s OK (2006)

“I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK” takes Chan-wook Park’s reputation as a master filmmaker and builds it even further. Having established himself with films of violent realism, it may upset fans of Old Boy and Lady Vengeance. And while I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK is not about hyper-violence and the metaphysics of revenge, the dizzying array of ideas may be more than many audiences can stomach in one sitting. It may just seem so off-the-wall that you lose patience before the story gets going. Which would be a shame.

So maybe take a very deep breath. Make sure your batteries are fully charged. If it doesn’t blow you out – I’m a Cyborg, but That’s OK – may just blow your mind.

9. The Art Of Seduction (2005)

The Art of Seduction presents to you, the tricks both sexes use on their prey. And it turns up the heat, when the two players meet. Here’s where the usual tricks don’t seem to work, especially when used on experienced, first-rate players who have worked the ground using similar tactics, and counter-tactics. The narrative was played out rather ordinarily, with one side being presented a scenario created by the other, and how they wriggle out from, then the tables are turned using a different scenario, and it goes on. And unfortunately, for far too long.

On the whole, the movie is pretty campy fun, despite some scenarios not being reasonably plausible. You get to laugh at the jokes (some being quite weak though, and can be seen a mile away), toilet humour even, but more importantly, depending which way you swing, the eye candy on screen would be satisfying enough to forgive the flaws.

10. A Millionaire’s First Love (2006)

Millionaire’s First Love is a movie about a High School student that must fulfill a contract clause in order to obtain his inheritance. He was sent to a rural High School to change his ways and live like an normal person would. In the process, he meets a girl with whom he falls in love with

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